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Q. How long has Stratus been in business in Colorado Springs?
A. Stratus Building Solutions of Southern Colorado opened its doors in November, 2006

Q. What types of facilities does Stratus provide cleaning services for?
A. Stratus provides superior cleaning services for office, academic, medical, commercial, industrial, multi-family and professional facilities.

Q. What makes Stratus different from other cleaning companies?
A. Stratus employs a “Partner Model” where its cleaners actually own their own company. This creates tremendous attention to detail since each owner has a financial interest in providing the best customer service. All other commercial cleaning companies employ minimum wage workers.

Q. What kind of training do your franchise owners receive?
A. Each owner operator must undergo and pass an extensive 5-phase training program before they are qualified to clean any facilities. This includes office, restroom, hard floor, carpet, safety, OSHA and HIPA requirements, “Green Clean” requirements, and cleaning for health.

Q. Are your partners required to wear uniforms and identification?
A. Each partner as well as their employees are required to wear unique Stratus uniforms and photo identification badges so you will recognize them in your facilities.

Q. How do you ensure consistency in your cleaning?
A. Our quality control systems ensure consistently clean facilities. First, the same people will be in your facility for each clean. Second, we perform scheduled quality inspections to make sure we are as satisfied as you are. We then go a step further by providing financial incentives to our franchise owners whenever they achieve consistently high scores on their inspections.

Q. What is different about your cleans compared to others?
A. At Stratus, we not only clean, we also sanitize. We employ our own Stratus Brand cleaning agents and sanitizers that are Green Seal Certified that do not degrade indoor air quality (IAQ), or use any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Our sanitizers kill most pathogens that can make you and your employees sick, and cause absenteeism. And, all of our cleaning agents and cloths are color coded to prevent cross-contamination.

Q. What is your commitment to keeping the environment clean?
A. Our Stratus Green Clean service uses a holistic approach, combining only Green Seal Certified cleaning agents, as well as Green Seal Certified vacuums, cleaning cloths, and methodologies. Stratus is also a member of the US Green Building Counsel, as well as the Green Business Bureau.

Q. How does Stratus help facilities achieve the highest LEED rating?
A. Stratus Building Solutions offers our distinctive “Stratus Green Clean” program to complement Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects (LEED) and the Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Q. Are your franchisees insured? By how much?
A. We carry $2,000,000 liability, $500,000 per incident workers comp. and a $50,000 security bond on everyone who is in your building, whether it be the owner/operator, or their employees.

Q. Are your services guaranteed?
A. Yes! Our service is backed by our unconditional guarantee: “If Your Facility Is Not Cleaned To Your Satisfaction, That Clean Is Free!”

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